Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Brownies

red velvet brownies

Oh dear lord! Guys what is it about Valentines day? You're only just starting to relax after the madness that is Christmas and New Year. Then for my household it's birthdays galore and then before I even have a chance to plan something really cool for Valentines, there's me sitting on the sofa on a Monday suddenly realising Valentines is THIS FRIDAY!!!

Seriously, this happened last year where ended up panicking over what to get himself. I actually can't even remember what I got him? That's how naff I am with the holiday of lurrve! and now he works on the night shift I'm really stuck for what to do! So there's no back up romantic meal cooked by moi as he's out of the house, headed to work by 5.30pm and he doesn't wake up till about 1pm after his 12 hour shifts.

What on earth do I do? any ideas? I'm in serious need for a bit of help.

However in all the madness of the last few weeks I still managed to find a small moment to bake something fabulous.

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Brownies anyone? Now I'll admit they're not overly red, I used two 10g tubes of red food dye but as I couldn't get my hands on the stuff that doesn't have a bitter after taste when you use a truckload of it I wasn't going to risk turning my beautifully tasty brownies into something that tasted like a nettle for the sake of making it was eye appealing.

However they still look lovely and dotted with dark chocolate chips these babies were fantastic!!

Fudgy, sweet and oh so red velvety these are one scrumptious piece of goodness.

red velvet brownies


  1. I would be thrilled with such a perfect Valentine's treat! They look so fudgy and thick - and the color turned out so nice. Our red food coloring is on it's last days after my last red velvet recipe! ;)

  2. They look delicious Tash! I love red velvet.