Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cookies and Cream Buttercream Truffles

cookies and cream buttercream truffles

What is it about kids and buses. Regardless of whether they are a little boy who adores his cars and buses or a little girl who can never be seen in anything other than snow white dress, they all go a bit gaga for buses.

When I told my little one that we were going on an adventure on the bus it was like that moment when Augustus walks into the Willy Wonka factory. Dream. Come. True.

I got a million kisses, and almost hug that turned into a punch in the face (thank goodness her fists are very small or it would have hurt) and 'thank you mum' said over and over again. Honestly I swear I never go that reaction or even close to it on Christmas day or her birthday.

What is it about the idea of a bus journey that seems so magical to a toddler and seriously, when is it that we cop on and realise public transport sucks?

Even though the first half of the journey resulted in the bus driver refusing to turn down the heating, little miss refusing to take her coat of also resulting in her going as pale as a piece of paper and pulling the 'I'm going to be sick face' (which is oddly exactly the same as the 'I'm going to fall asleep but won't pretend I'm happy about it' face). Luckily neither happened or if it had been the latter it would have been very interesting walking around Cavan smelling a little funky.

cookies and cream buttercream truffles

Now the other night himself had bought me a pack of oreos (How kind of him, I know) he always seems to psychically know when I need a sugar pick me up. However after 2 oreos the job was done and the pack went back into the cupboard, so what is a girl to do?

I really couldn't justify munching down on the remainder of the pack when I had this little idea bubbling away in my head now could I?

Yeah, that's right, I did it. These little tasty delights of heaven totally legitimises all cravings you have to inhale that bowl of frosting you just made rather than decorate your cupcakes with it.

Now they are sweet, you wouldn't go eating the entire lot in one sitting. Even with my insane sweet tooth the most I ate in one sitting was 6, Go me!

However they are perfect for parties. I'm now wishing I'd made these for the 3 year olds birthday last month alas I'll just have to keep them on the back burner for next year.

The crunchy little pieces of oreo cookie really make these the bomb. Texture is key here and quite frankly they're so simple to make. No baking so if for some reason you have no cooker or microwave these will be right up your alley.

cookies and cream buttercream truffles


  1. Yum!! I try not to eat the whole pack of Oreos too- this seems like a great recipe to use up the extra!

  2. Pinned it. My youngest dd loves to make this sort of sweets.